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Our mission is to provide those who want to eat healthier with more healthy alternatives. No surprise, cooking is one of the most logical strategies for a balanced diet. On the other hand, for many, cooking is a chore and can sometimes be a painful task. With the arrival of Fit Sauces, it's now easy to save time in the kitchen! Just having one of our sauces bottles on hand will make it easier for you on your next culinary activities. Try them in sandwiches, burgers, on grilled meats or fish, in dips, veggie dishes, etc.

Cooking good, healthy meals can sometimes seem intimidating: a long list of ingredients, complicated preparation steps, specific equipment needed, etc. Finding ways to shorten our time spent in the kitchen is therefore imperative in order to have the chance to enjoy these moments, which are essential to healthy eating. In our opinion, to simplify the task in the kitchen, the ideal is to bet on simple recipes, without compromising on flavor. Incorporating Fit Sauces into your cooking sessions is always a great option. Tasty, practical, versatile and with a very interesting nutritional value, these liquid bombs will save your life, one recipe at a time!


Our sauces are ideal for those on the ketogenic diet. With 2g of carbohydrates per serving, of which only 1g of sugar, all of our recipes have been developed with a low carbohydrate perspective. So, whether it is to respect your dietary restrictions or simply for your concern for a diet low in added sugars, the arrival of Fit Sauces will undoubtedly simplify your task in the kitchen.

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  • Jérémie

    Jérémie "LE FIT COOK" Latreille

    Recipe developer, owner, spokesperson and main content creator for Fit Sauces, Jérémie is passionate about cooking. With her strong personality and her expertise in creating healthy meals, one recipe does not wait for another!

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In our efforts to provide those who want to eat healthier with more healthy alternatives, making it more accessible is a big part of the game! Give your sauce shelf some flavor PUNCH!